There are a lot of very cool Raspberry Pi projects around the internet – this is a top 5 list of the coolest projects we have found.

#5 – The Raspberry Pi Coffee Maker

We all dream of being able to control the coffee maker from the computer. It is now possible thanks to the MoccaPi project. MoccaPi is a project devoted to controlling your coffee machine through a Raspberry Pi. If controlling a coffee machine with the Raspberry is your next project – head on over to the MoccaPi website for more information.

 #4 – The Raspberry Pi Garage Door opener with Siri integration

How cool would it be to open your garage door with a voice command to Siri?

Using SiriProxy to create a custom command in the Siri service – this raspberry expert hooked his garage door opener up to a Raspberry Pi using a relay. The result is a garage door opener that can be controlled via the phone.

For security reasons it only works when the phone is on the local WiFi network.

#3 – The Raspberry Pi BeetBox

This music enthusiast thought it would be awesome if one could play music just by touching beets (yes beets, the vegetable). Using a touch sensor, an old speaker, a raspberry pi and a beautiful enclosure he built a contraption that challenges our expectations of what happens when you touch a beet.

You can read more about the project here and hear the beetbox in action in this video.

The Raspberry Pi BeetBox

#2 – The Raspberry Pi Media Center

With a HDMI output, a network connection and a reasonably fast ARM processor the Raspberry Pi a good platform for building your own media center. Using the XBMC media center software you can create a media streamer just as powerful as an Apple TV or Roku in very little time.

Whitson Gordon over at lifehacker shows us how it can be done in just 30 minutes.

#1 – The Raspberry Pi Game Console

Do you also miss the days of the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)? Playing Mario the way it is supposed to be played with a NES Controller? Take a look at this ‘Game Console Emulator Project’.

Raspberry Pi Game Console

This dude created a retro game emulator using a few cheap USB controller from Amazon and a Raspberry Pi.

The project is pretty advanced and definitely not for beginners. But if compiling code on Linux is something you do for fun, head over to Element14 for a blog post on how to build a Raspberry Pi – Game Console Emulator.


If you want to get started building cool stuff with your Raspberry Pi you can browse for more guides and how-to’s on the Raspberry Pi. Remember to come back again soon, we are constantly updating the site with new guides and projects.